Thursday, 29 October 2015

A portion of passion.. Helps..

The title may not exactly be justified.. This post is one that does not a have a reason.. A sudden need to be done .. That is the sole motivation of this simple post. May not follow the ethics of a blogger but then.. This one here, is driven just by passion which itself is quite paradoxical. With Yanni's Nightingale playing out into my ears.. A composition that holds its beauty in the innocence it portrays.. the same notes played over and over on different instruments.. 

A phrase that was put up by a 
A simple phrase but then the thoughts that it evokes.. There are words like ' that made my day ' but well, this generated despair in me. An unusual one because despair usually means loss of hope but this wasn't that .. A feeling that actually gave life to many more hopes. We have many things on our to-do list commonly termed as 'ambitions'. There are always new additions to it and deletions too.. But some aren't deleted but just fade out .. They are still there and those were rekindled by this simple phrase .. As a famous movie dialogue goes the thing a person grieves for ,the most is... purpose. This phrase actually pushes us out of the normal comforting lull of a routine and realise once again a purpose for which we take up the oxygen produced somewhere..
Man is lost in the scramble for a purpose mostly.. 
Purpose is something that has a life-span ..
Something that isn't driven by a purpose but by passion remains there even if faded, awaiting to be rekindled by such phrases that may seem a puny flash of thought at first but that really holds the potential to rekindle the seemingly pacified passion in one's mind..

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