Monday, 14 September 2015

A super collider of a book!

Just finished a book.. 
'Quantum' by Manjit Kumar. A work that compiles the happenings of over a century. So exhaustive and comprehensive and yet so thrilling and gripping. The story of a revolution set in motion by a conservative's discovery. A revolution that marked the beginning of a new perception of nature. The story belittles all other accomplishments and failures. A man who couldn't stand the turmoil caused by his own idea.. an idea that would change the human perception of nature.. that he tried to disprove it himself many times over and over but ended up reinforcing its relevance and purpose.. Quantum Mechanics causes so much of conflict before it is understood by the learner. The idea itself was born out of conflicts and clashes of great intellects. The conflicts spanned over a 100 years and the outcome? " A theory that makes all other scientific revolutions look limp-wristed by comparison " THE INDEPENDENT commented on Quantum Mechanics..
A good read for anyone with a flair for reading.. A book on the origins of a new perception of nature that threatened the very basis of human understanding of nature..

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