Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Walk happens...

The question why.. The ingenious of questions yet the one that never is answered satisfactorily. That moment when some thought that you have held on to for quite sometime and that is reinforced once again.. Such a moment is pricelessly momentary that, unusually this little post here actually has a reason to be published. The reason is simple freezing that momentary happiness in these words. So the moment came when Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe the wire-walker replies to his own question.. 'Why do you do this..?..... I don't have an answer..' 

Robert Zemeckis' The Walk a movie that may make the audience glance at their watches 20 minutes into it, takes off without much magnificence as always but then as the movie draws to its close the grandeur is felt but mysteriously hidden . You don't understand why it is so grand the questions in asked are still unanswered and yet.. there is a feeling of saturation with bliss. A movie that does not claim any of the commercial positives of the glitzy movie industry and yet reaches much higher than most of them.. 

So once again the question returns 'What was the purpose of the walk?' Well again there isn't a reason that is tangible .. But then if you expand your scope of acceptance to the intangible then there is a purpose. Passion. Passion for what ' to die?', ' to take risks?' 
Philippe says ' To walk on a wire isn't death to me... It is life' 
Hence his passion is to live and to live he must .....  Walk.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

A portion of passion.. Helps..

The title may not exactly be justified.. This post is one that does not a have a reason.. A sudden need to be done .. That is the sole motivation of this simple post. May not follow the ethics of a blogger but then.. This one here, is driven just by passion which itself is quite paradoxical. With Yanni's Nightingale playing out into my ears.. A composition that holds its beauty in the innocence it portrays.. the same notes played over and over on different instruments.. 

A phrase that was put up by a 
A simple phrase but then the thoughts that it evokes.. There are words like ' that made my day ' but well, this generated despair in me. An unusual one because despair usually means loss of hope but this wasn't that .. A feeling that actually gave life to many more hopes. We have many things on our to-do list commonly termed as 'ambitions'. There are always new additions to it and deletions too.. But some aren't deleted but just fade out .. They are still there and those were rekindled by this simple phrase .. As a famous movie dialogue goes the thing a person grieves for ,the most is... purpose. This phrase actually pushes us out of the normal comforting lull of a routine and realise once again a purpose for which we take up the oxygen produced somewhere..
Man is lost in the scramble for a purpose mostly.. 
Purpose is something that has a life-span ..
Something that isn't driven by a purpose but by passion remains there even if faded, awaiting to be rekindled by such phrases that may seem a puny flash of thought at first but that really holds the potential to rekindle the seemingly pacified passion in one's mind..

Monday, 14 September 2015

A super collider of a book!

Just finished a book.. 
'Quantum' by Manjit Kumar. A work that compiles the happenings of over a century. So exhaustive and comprehensive and yet so thrilling and gripping. The story of a revolution set in motion by a conservative's discovery. A revolution that marked the beginning of a new perception of nature. The story belittles all other accomplishments and failures. A man who couldn't stand the turmoil caused by his own idea.. an idea that would change the human perception of nature.. that he tried to disprove it himself many times over and over but ended up reinforcing its relevance and purpose.. Quantum Mechanics causes so much of conflict before it is understood by the learner. The idea itself was born out of conflicts and clashes of great intellects. The conflicts spanned over a 100 years and the outcome? " A theory that makes all other scientific revolutions look limp-wristed by comparison " THE INDEPENDENT commented on Quantum Mechanics..
A good read for anyone with a flair for reading.. A book on the origins of a new perception of nature that threatened the very basis of human understanding of nature..

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I just found out the true meaning of the word "overwhelming"...
There is this overwhelming sense of affection you feel for certain things. They may be anything.. Today I came across many  such things and one thing that I gathered from all that is this..

All of those feats were motivated and driven into existence by sheer passion. There were 'inevitable's such as skill and perfection but the underlying motivation behind all this was passion. 
In short they did it because they loved doing it and not for the result.

This again reminds me of something.
While on a journey ...
Destination seems significant...
But it always stands second to the significance of the journey itself...

When we perform any task we need to focus on the result .. true
but then the premonition of achieving it shouldn't hinder the task itself..

This is possible when the motive behind a task is induced by the task itself and not by the result ...

I understand this as passion...

Saturday, 20 September 2014

My first venture into my passions....

Hello folks..
So this is it ... my first post on my first ever blog..
Anything done by humans have a reason. Except for things done out of passion .
I am sure every human mind in this world has done something and then tried to reason it out..
I do that quite often..
This is the next level of doing it my interface to those who follow their passions.

This is one instance that was successful in etching the thought of "following our passions" in us.