Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Walk happens...

The question why.. The ingenious of questions yet the one that never is answered satisfactorily. That moment when some thought that you have held on to for quite sometime and that is reinforced once again.. Such a moment is pricelessly momentary that, unusually this little post here actually has a reason to be published. The reason is simple freezing that momentary happiness in these words. So the moment came when Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Philippe the wire-walker replies to his own question.. 'Why do you do this..?..... I don't have an answer..' 

Robert Zemeckis' The Walk a movie that may make the audience glance at their watches 20 minutes into it, takes off without much magnificence as always but then as the movie draws to its close the grandeur is felt but mysteriously hidden . You don't understand why it is so grand the questions in asked are still unanswered and yet.. there is a feeling of saturation with bliss. A movie that does not claim any of the commercial positives of the glitzy movie industry and yet reaches much higher than most of them.. 

So once again the question returns 'What was the purpose of the walk?' Well again there isn't a reason that is tangible .. But then if you expand your scope of acceptance to the intangible then there is a purpose. Passion. Passion for what ' to die?', ' to take risks?' 
Philippe says ' To walk on a wire isn't death to me... It is life' 
Hence his passion is to live and to live he must .....  Walk.

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